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TDS Deductors needn't submit copy of receipt of SSR for e-TDS statements

Tin.nsdl has given this facility to deductors/collectors that they need not submit copy of provisional receipt of original statements statistics report(SSR) for furnishing e-TDS/TCS correction statements.

This rule is applied from 1 June 2014.

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  1. What about FORM16A TDS CERTS. Everybody is aware of the problems faced in getting FORM16As from TAX Deductors every year. Why doesn't the GOI naturally allow all PEOPLE PAYING TAXES and filing RETURNS to DIRECTLY TAKE CREDIT for TDS deducted from the 26AS available to each TAX PAN HOLDER which only he(the PAN HOLDER) alone can OPEN and make available? Why this unnecessary PAPER WORK and keeping of RECORDS(DUPLICATION) and WASTE of PRECIOUS TREES to manufacture this PAPER? Is it possible for any other TAX PAYER to take CREDIT for TDS posted on a PAN HOLDER's 26AS? GOI shud STOP THIS DOUBLE HAJAMAT as TAX Deductors are so widespread and many times IMPOSSIBLE TO Physically REACH or contact. WHY IS GOI INDIFFERENT to this PROBLEM which is sometimes a strain even on the heart at the time of filling of IT RETURNS?