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New data center for income tax department for tax evasion

To fasten accomplishing this of identifying tax evaders, the Income Tax department has decided to setup a major files centre of such classified information on the lines on the existing two these kinds of centres on e-filing along with TDS information.

The revolutionary office which continues to be named Centralised Processing Cell-Compliance Management (CPC-CM) will have its base inside national capital plus a dedicated workforce, drawn on the department, will guy it.

The CPC-CM is an ambitious project on the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) aimed at enabling the I-T department to use technical data to evaluate cases of non-compliance along with non- filers of taxes.

The project continues to be planned under the business intelligence project initiated because of the CBDT to allow the taxman shift from physical verification of any taxpayer to a smart approach of data-based keeping track of and checking.

"The aim is usually to basically ensure voluntary compliance by taxpayers with the use of intelligent data for the disposal of the actual I-T department, " a senior official mixed up in project told PTI.

To bolster the actual investigative and enforcement skills on the I-T officials, the CPC-CM will have the entire database on the Permanent Account Quantity (PAN), reports generated by financial snoop agencies and the full assortment of letters and is aware issued to non-compliant taxpayers, their replies and the final action inside new centre.

"The I-T department has recently created two CPCs which have been running successfully. The first is for capture of e-filing data of taxpayers operating out of Bengaluru and the second reason is for hosting Tax Deducted at Supplier (TDS) data throughout Ghaziabad, " the official said.

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