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No section 80 IB relief if return filed after due date

Where assessee had sufficient reasons which prevented it from producing various documents before Assessing officer, documents sought to be admitted as additional evidence

IT: Where assessee had not filed return within due date as provided under section 139(1) in violation of section 80AC, he was not entitled to avail deduction under section 80-IB

IT: Where power plant was ready and no further major purchases had been made on account of power plant till August 2008, and plant was commissioned, same was entitled for depreciation

IT: Section 80B(5) creates no bar in setting off loss of power plant from income of rice mill

IT: Provision for allowance of additional depreciation could be considered in case of assessee engaged in business of generation or distribution of power only form assessment year 2013-14

IT: Where it was found that during search, stock had been valued on approximate basis and exact valuation had not been done, addition made on account of unexplained adjustments was to be deleted

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