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Online filing correctness to TDS statement is available on TRACES

 In our continuous endeavor to enrich end-user experience, we are glad to bring to you the convenience of online facility of filing corrections to the TDS Statements. With this feature, you will be able to breeze through submitting revisions with ease and confidence, when you complete your transactions on TRACES portal. 
To avail the facility, it is requested to Login to TRACES and navigate to “Defaults” tab to locate “Request for Correction” from the drop-down menu. 
Pre-requisites for filing Online Corrections: 
•Digital Signature is mandatory to be registered on TRACES for raising online corrections. To register your Digital Signature, please refer to the e- tutorial for any help. 
•Online request can be submitted, only if there is a regular statement already filed and processed. 
•All previous corrections pertaining to the statement should have been processed and the processing status can be verified from the Dashboard. 
Functionalities available: 
•PAN Correction 
o    Invalid to Valid PAN: The correct name of the Valid PAN will be displayed in “Name as per changed PAN”. 

o    Valid to Valid PAN: If the new PAN entered is Invalid, a message is displayed in the “Action Status”. Please note that there is only one opportunity for a Valid to Valid PAN correction. 

o    All the corrected rows can be viewed by clicking on “Show Edited Rows” on the screen.
•Challan/BIN Correction 
o    A list of all Unmatched Challans can be viewed and tagged with this functionality 

o    Please note that the Matched challans cannot be tagged, however, Unmatched Challans can be corrected for “Section Code” and “Amount Claimed” and tagged to Deductee rows in the statement. In addition, NO CHALLAN, which has been used for other purposes outside the system,  should be tagged. 

o    The corrections to Unmatched Challans can be reset by clicking the Reset tab, if this requires to be further corrected. 
•Action Summary 
o    After carrying out all the corrections, Action Summary can be referred for all changes carried out. 

o    Please click “Confirm” for all intended changes and the statement is ready for submission. 
•Actions to complete Submission 
o    Please navigate to “Defaults” tab to locate “Corrections Ready for Submission” 

o    Click on “Submit for Processing”, which will prompt to digitally sign the submission. 

o    Once the correction is submitted successfully, a Token Number for the same will be available 
For any further assistance, please refer to the e-tutorial available on TRACES, before reaching out to us on contactus@tdscpc.gov.in or call our toll-free number 1800 103 0344. 

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