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Loan EMI Tenure and rate of interest calculator in excel

Loan is the common thing what we mostly know and be a part of it in anyway like car loan,personal loan, cash credit etc.
Loan is the amount which you need to be repay in installments which is called EMI(Equal monthly Installments). EMI is calculated with the loan amount, rate of interest and Loan tenure.
You can find loan EMI calculator here and there on the net but all in one calculator for loan is a thing which you can rarely find.
This is three in one excel based loan EMI calculator which may be very useful to the people. It calculates theses terms.
1- Loan EMI
2- Loan Tenure
3- Loan rate of interest

So it will ease the work for the loan problems.
In this calculator you need to put three items and the third will be calculated automatically like if you put Loan amount, rate of interest and loan tenure, EMI will be calculated automatically.
So this is really a handy tool for the loan calculations.
You can download this calculator from here

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