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Cash withdraw charges from other bank ATM will increase soon

Banks can decide the charges for ATM transactions from other’s bank ATM say RBI Deputy Governor Mr. K C Chakrabarty. He says on Thursday that RBI has no objections on such charges as long as there should be reasonable fees.

"If banks charge a reasonable fee on ATM transactions then the RBI will have no objections," Chakrabarty, in charge of banking services at RBI, told reporters on the sidelines of an event here this evening.

However he also said that there is no request received from any banks for revision of such charges.

There is a big issue of safety in ATMs and he insist on 24 hour security at ATM. 

Presently a customer can withdraw five times from other bank ATM. However banks need to pay 15 rupees plus taxes on any other bank ATM per transaction including free transactions.
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  1. As long as the Dy Gov.of RBI has his job no issues. It is the AAM AADMI who has to shell out the money and this man is hardly the person to understand this issue. More ATM CHARGES less WORK for BANKS' STAFF MORE MONEY. Nowadays even SBI charges us Rs.15/- pm on pure PENSION S/B A/C. Whose father what goes....Hope KEJRIWAL plugs these ridiculous attempts by RBI to allow banks to make money for their worthless staff

  2. Nationalised Banks like IOB are out to fleece the unwary clients. For eg.I was charged @ Rs.50/- for supposed ONE additional visit to the Bank Locker per month before I realised that they had put up an incongruous sticker out.
    It will be a surprise if Nationalised Banks give U your FORM16A TDS Certs. in time to file your tax returns. It will be equally surprising if they show GROSS INTEREST in your SAVINGS ACCOUNT as CREDIT and show the TDS as DEBIT leaving you confused to make mistakes unknowingly.So much for their much vaunted dubious methods of fleecing the unwary clients especially Sr.Citizens.