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New PAN application form 49A and 49AA with annexure A, B, C and 1

The Income tax department notified new PAN application forms form 49A and 49AA in pdf  format. These forms are used for applying new PAN card. These new formats of PAN card replaces old format of form 49A and 49AA. Income tax department issued a notification no. 96 dated 23 December 2013 regarding new format of PAN card and annexure A, B and C  for form 49A and annexure 1 for form 49AA.

Form 49A- Form 49A is PAN application form to be filed by Indian resident.

Form 49AA is for resident outside India.

Download form 49A, 49AA, annexure A, B,C and annexure A from here
Annexure A
 Annexure B
Annexure C

Form 49AA
2nd page
3 page
Annexure 1
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