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How to transfer Provident fund online

One paperwork that usually worries those changing jobs is transfer of their Employee Provident Fund (EPF) money. It will not be a problem anymore, at least for most us. The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) launched a transfer declare portal on July 2 that will assist you to file for EPF exchanges online.

The brand new facility, which may be accessed through the EPFO website (epfindia. gov. in), promises to streamline the task of transferring EPF money and also help avoid needless delays. EPF subscribers had been finding the old way of filing paper applications cumbersome, inefficient and also timeconsuming.

The website boasts a 'View status of Transfer Claim' that helps you track the improvement of transfer applications made online or while using the paper route.

Like a pre-requisite to while using the service, at least considered one of your employers (current and previous) have to have their digital signatures registered while using EPFO. Also, both your preceding and present provident fund account number need to be available in the EPFO database.

The EPFO website helps you check this online by filling in simple details about your present and previous balances. As the on the web platform is brand new, the facility currently is available only for employers and EPFO regional offices who have fulfilled the demands of digital signatures. In case either of your respective employers have definitely not registered their digital camera signatures or are not part of the EPF Scheme, you'll have to use the traditional offline route.

You have an option to have the claim attested through your previous employer or present employer. In case the employers are signed up, going through your previous employer might quicken the exchange process. Once anyone file your EPF exchange application online, you have to give a signed copy on the claim submitted online towards employer opted for attestation.

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  1. Any chance of the PF-ONLINE claim allowing ON-LINE WITHDRAWAL of PF ACCUMULATIONS too?
    Most definitely NO!