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Federal bank launched saving account with overdraft feature

Federal bank launched premium saving account with have overdraft facility. This account is for higher end salary holders whose salary is Rs. 1 lakh or above.
Private sector Federal bank gives this account Fedclassic premium name on which interest rate is 2 percent monthly which is less than credit cards. You can overdraft the maximum amount of Rs. 1 lakh with this Fedclassic premium account.
"This is a high-end payroll account for employees laced with add-ons like overdraft facility at a highly attractive interest rate and no minimum balance stipulation," Federal Bank General Manager Head(Retail) A Surendran, said.
Bank also will provide a free visa gold card and there is no requirement of maintaining minimum balance requirement with this account.
Federal bank also launched an account with lots of scheme for entrepreneurs and businessman who are members of industry association.
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