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Feb 28, 2013

Union Budget highlights 2013

Union budget is presented by Finance Minister on 28 February 2013. The highlights of union budget 2013 are as follows.

General budget headlines:-
-The budget for foreign cars, exotic shoe, mobile, AC will eat at expensive.

-Defence budget has been increased 203672 million. previous budget in the fiscal year was 193460 crores.

-More than 10 million income on domestic companies with 10 per cent surcharge.

-More than a million income on the surcharge of 10 per cent.

-2 to 5 million income tax rebate of up to 2000 people.

-2012-13 revenue losses increased by 3.3 percent.

-A thousand crores capital separately for women from the Bank.

-XII plan plan to provide fifty million people skills.

-Calls for the well-being of a thousand crores capital will fund nirbhaya.

-Skill development for a thousand crores of rupees from the capital of the new Fund.

-Sports coaching Institute in Patiala for plans to build.

-Will private FM radio service in 294 cities.

-Ten percent or more from the investment of the foreign direct investment abroad.

– SEBI regulations for foreign investment easier.

- Will work like bank-insurance agent

-National health insurance scheme, taxi drivers and rickshaw auto rickshaw garbage picker who will also be covered.

- In all branches of private banks have ATMs.

-NABARD to cold storage to make 5000 crores.

- More than 10,000 people in LIC Office.

-Urban home building Fund will be created. 2000 million provision.

-National healthy insurance plan will also include the auto-rickshaws and drivers.

-Financial capacity increased to around ten thousand million.

From Leh to Srinagar-the cost of transmission line 1840 crores.

-PSU banks in addition to fourteen thousand crore rupees.

-First home 25 million loan interest on a million bucks on taking allowed.

-Laying of roads in Northeastern States plan. the World Bank will help out.

-Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for year 2013-14 allocated to twenty thousand crore rupees.
77236 crores for children

-Maulana Azad Education Association more than 160 crores on caprice

-Medical education and training to 4727 crores

-AIIMS-like entities to 1650 million rupees

-100 million or more to invest 15 per cent the company put money to detached.

-Infrastructure sector to allocate 55 million bucks.

-Tax free bonds to meet some 25,000 crores of rupees are estimated and institutions this feature.

-Oil and gas exploitation will review policy.

-Child protection and education to 17700 crores

-Plan to get mid-day 13215 crores

-National campaign for secondary education 3983 crores

-100 million credit guarantee fund

10000 crores food security bill has been proposed.

-Ten thousand new buses will run in rural areas.

-2012-13 and a half hundred food production in million tonnes estimated.

-North East States rice to increase the productivity of a thousand million allocated.

-Integrated water allocated to 5387 sambharan crores.

-National animal mission.

-National food security allocated ten thousand crores.

-Short term interest on loans given to agriculture.

-Wholesale price index inflation and seven phisad 42 infers.

-All ministries to meet the goals provided full funding.

-2012-13 to 16 in total expenditure, determine 65297 crores.

– 41561 crores for SC upyojna St upyojna to propose 24598 crores.

Minorities welfare budget allocation was increased to twelve phisad 1348 million.

-New national healthy 4727 million allocated for the mission.

-AYUSH to 767 million allocated.

-SSA 27258 million allocated for.

-Nalanda University to be created again.

-Gender discrimination to offer two hundred crores.

-Clean drinking water system to assign 15216 crores.

-33 thousand crores of NREGS and gram to 12700 crores.

-Global economy growth in the year 2012, 2011 3.2 it is 3.9.

-2012-13 projected five percent growth.

-Eight per cent of potential growth challenge.

-Increase in current deficit.

-Funding for 75 billion dollars would be needed