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14 Things India needs this new year 2014

India is an atomic power and world largest democracy. There are many things on which we can proud of but there are many things too which make us shame and feels that these should not be in 2014. Taxalertindia tries to mention all the things in India which should stop as well as start in 2014. The list is as follows.

1- Right to recall: - Voters should have the right to recall the sitting MP or MLA who doesn’t do the work or do some illegal work. The tenure of the MP and MLA is 5 years but the voters must have the right to recall him and give him a chance to win again from same constituency. Often people don’t know about the candidate history when the candidate is fighting election first time, so this right is must in the biggest democracy.

2- Capital punishment for rapist: - this is the most needed law in India where rape cases are common.  Rapist should be hanged or may be more horrible law can be applied for.

3- Yamuna: - the pollution level in Yamuna River is as high as it becomes a dead drain according to UN report. If our capital has a clean river, this will definitely increase the beauty and life of the Delhiites and India. We should learn from UK or Spain where Thames and Seine always increase the beauty and the population in these cities is not very low compare to Delhi. It should be taken as our pride.

4- Railway toilet: - biggest concern in India. World biggest open toilet. Railways must look into the matter and at least introduce green toilet in some trains if not all.

5- Nepotism: - how many ministers and CM’s son, wife, daughter, daughter in law and so on relatives are Ministers, MP and MLA. There is a big list and people can’t stop to vote them. How a good person’s son or brother must be good? This should stop in India if not there is no difference between a monarchy and democracy.

6- Manual scavenging: - Manual clean of gutters and pipelines are common in India. This must be stopped and let the machinery do the work they are for it.

7- Police: - Policeman should be like commando. In India we always can see big fat and pot-bellied cops in India. Police has the duty to help the people but this kind of police force is not capable.

8- Roads: - Roads in India are in very bad position. However government is doing something on Road but a lot more is to be done. Why India can’t have the roads like Yamuna Expressway or Ahmedabad-Vadodara all over nation.

9- Bullet train: - a country only can develop with a great infrastructure. India must have bullet train in 2013 which can run around 300 kms/hour. This will bring nation together.

10- Electricity: - how a nation like India can develop with 7-8 hours electricity in a day. Everybody needs electricity and India must use her nuclear plant to produce electricity because the demand of electricity is arising day by day.

11- Broadband: - In this age of internet, India needs fast and furious internet service with a low cost. The rates of 3G service in India are too high and not anybody cup of tea. 

12- Good nutrition food: - there is a big problem of mixing in India. This won’t help India to grow. India should have the system to provide citizen the good and genuine food items. Khali pet to Jang bhi nahi jeeti jaati and we want to win the world.

13- Job-reservation: - India must stop job-reservation on castism. Job reservation should give to physical unfit person as well as to those who lost their family member in some mishappening in India or war.

14- Tax exemption of 5 Lakh- Last but not least, looking to inflation India either rule the Direct Tax Code or any other law, but income tax exemption should be 5 Lakh. 

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