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Truth behind zero interest EMI and excel calculator

This is the festival time. Everybody wants to buy new products as there is also a bonus time in India, so people rush to market for purchasing. Companies more keen to attract the customers with new and special offers. One of them is 0% interest EMI or Free interest EMI.  In this scheme the loan is given on the product with no rate of interest or 0 rate of interest.

People always trap on the scheme and purchase the goods on interest free EMI. They always think they haven’t paid any interest and this is a very good scheme. But the truth behind the 0% interest scheme is just opposite. The reason of this is as follows.

There is always a cash discount on the product which is not available for buyer who avail 0% interest free option. The cash discount may be 3%-10% depends on bargaining power and product.

There is a fixed nonrefundable processing fees of loan on 0% interest scheme which may be 500-2000 depends on product to product.

In the scheme, one needs to pay 3-4 EMI initially when buying the product.

If we calculate we often pay more in interest free EMI than just taking a loan from any bank against fixed deposit or shares which will cost less than 0% interest. There is an excel based 0% EMI calculator which can prove this. The features of this calculator are as follows.

This is an excel based calculator.

All three option Cash payment, 0% interest and loan taken are given.

In all the conditions it will tell how much one pay.

Colorful presentation and available for download.

Feeds readers can download free for 2 days after that registration required.
Download calculator from here.
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