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New file validation utility FVU 3.6 version for e-tds/tcs

Tin. nsdl has released new file validation utility version 3.6 fopr e-tds and e-tcs. This FVU version 3.6 is different from other version as it has many new features. This new fvu version 3.6 is mandatory from 16 October 2012. Upto 15 October 2012, both fvu version 3.5 and version 3.6 can be used. FVU has many new features which are as follows.

·         Import of challan file (.csi file): Import of challan file downloaded from the TIN website (Challan Status Inquiry) has been made mandatory at the time of validating the quarterly TDS/TCS statement, if the TDS/TCS is deposited through challan. This will be applicable in case of regular statement and for correction statement in the scenarios as below:
o   Update of challan (C2 correction).
o   Deductee/ Collectee and corresponding challan is updated (C3 correction).
o   Addition of challan (C9 Correction).
·         Incorporation of sections codes as below:
Section code
Section code to be quoted in Quarterly TDS/TCS Statement
Applicable to TDS/TCS statement Form No.
Applicable from FY 2011-12 onwards
Applicable from FY 2012-13 onwards
Applicable from FY 2012-13 onwards
Applicable from FY 2012-13 onwards

·         Separate flag “O” has been incorporated for reporting salary details of “Super senior citizen” (individual above the age of 80 years) at Form no. 24Q. This categorization is applicable from FY 2011-12 onwards.
·         Separate flag “S” for categorizing software vendor transaction (as per ITD notification dated 21/2012) in Non salary TDS statements (Form 26Q – Section code 194J and 27Q –Section code 195). This categorization is applicable from FY 2012-13 onwards.
·         FVU version 3.6 will be mandatory w.e.f October 16, 2012. Upto October 15, 2012 FVU version 3.5 and FVU version 3.6 will be applicable.

    Download FVU version 3.6
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