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NSDL new FVU 3.5 and RPU 3.0 version relaesed

NSDL has released new e-tds return software return preparation utility version 3.0 and file validation utility version 3.5. These software are very important for preparing regular financial statement of e-tds/tcs as well as well as for validation of tds/tcs statement. The final assessment is also made with the help of FVU software. 

This is the latest version of FVU 3.5 and RPU 3.0 which can be used for e-tds and e-tcs statement and validation for  pertaining financial year 2011-12 and on wards. So one needn't to use the older version of rpu and fvu.
Download RPU version 3.0
Download FVU version 3.5
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