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India fact book file June 2012

Many of us think India is a poor country and very behind in the case of comparing to other countries. Government of India issued a fact file book in June 2012 which is all about the development of India with the real figures as well as comparison with other countries with graphs and source of figures. The fact book includes the following.

  • India's key strength
  • GDP growth figures
  • Share in world GDP increasing
  • Saving and investment rates
  • Gross domestic investment
  • Growth fundamentals
  • Domestic consumption
  • Consumer confidence
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Tax regime
  • Financial market
  • Potential of growth
  • Equity market
  • Market cap of companies
  • FII inflows
  • IPO issuance
  • Derivatives market
and many more
So download fact book India June 2012
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