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Excel based automated form 16

There is always an issue in form 16 which is required to give by the employer to the employee as the certificate of TDS deduction. But in some companies the number of employees is so high as well as tds deduction that there is an issue to deliver form 16 to the employees. So this is the free excel based utility which can deliver form 16 very fast. The features of this excel based utility are as follows.

  •   This is the autofill excel based form 16 utility. 
  • Can make form 16 very fast.
  • One need to fill some information in the form and in second option, form 16 is ready to print.
  • It also shows the refundable/payable tax amount.
  • It has income tax calculator too for the financial year 2011-12 and the analysis year 2012-13.
  • With income tax calculator it has all the income tax deduction which one can have under income tax law.
  • Very colorful and beautiful presentation.

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