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    Oct 15, 2012

    Excel based salary and overtime calculator

    Salary calculator:- In a firm or small company where the number of employees are upto 50, there is always a need of a salary calculator which can calculate the salary of full month. Because calculating manual salary is full of waste of time as well as it requires a lot of energy. So I m presenting a excel based salary calculator for firms/company with no headache of calculating overtime or basic salary. One need to just enter the hours of work in a day and it will calculate the pay automatically.

    Features of this calculator:-
    1-      It’s an excel based calculator
    2-      It will work offline.
    3-      No need to enter duty and overtime separately.
    4-      Calculate salary upto 50 persons.
    5-      It will calculate basic salary, Incentives need to calculate in another calculator.
    6-      No calculation for income tax.
    7-      Basic duty hours is 8.
    Download calculator
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