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New return preparation utility rpu 2.7 for e-tds/tcs

  Income tax department has launched new RPU version 2.7 for preparing e-tds/tcs statements. This utility is very useful for preparing corrective as well as regular tds return. The key features of new RPU 2.7 are as follows.

·         Correction Statements: Mandatory to import consolidated file for validating the Correction statements.
·         Incorporated FVU: FVU version 3.3 and FVU version 2.131 are incorporated.
Higher deduction deductee record: For deductee records with valid deductee PAN where tax has been deducted, update is allowed on all fields of the deductee record, except for the column “Remarks (Reason for lower deduction/ no deduction/ higher deduction/ threshold)”
Download new RPU 2.7
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