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    Dec 8, 2012

    Fixed deposit pre mature and re invest calculator

    Now a days, rate of interest are going uptrend. Banks are giving 10-10.5 rate of interest normally on fixed deposit. Sometimes, the old fixed deposits which are fetching nominal rate of interest of 6-7% looks very disappointing. Many of us rethink about pre maturing the old deposits and remake new ones with more rate of interest. But calculating it is useful or not is a complex issue. The main reason is that banks cut some rate of interest in pre maturity of fixed deposits.

    So to make calculations easy tax alert india is presenting a fixed deposit calculator which will tell all the calculations of pre maturity loss and re make profit. The features of this calculator is as follows.
    - Excel based calculator
    - Tell the amount of maturity of fixed deposit
    - Tell the amount of pre-maturity of fixed deposit.
    - Tell the amount of re make fixed deposit.
    - One can easily calculate the benefit or loss in pre maturity of deposit with this utility.
    - Available for download

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