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Income tax form 49A and 49AA for PAN application free download

Income tax department has changed the PAN application form to Form 49A and 49AA. Now these forms are to be filled to apply new Permanent Account Number of income tax. 49A form are for resident of Indians whereas form 49AA is for non resident of India. 

These forms are of two pages which make applying PAN card a bit complex. One need to attach the ID proof with these forms for applying new PAN card. For ID proof one need to attach one proof for proof for identity and one proof of proof of address.
Proof of identity are as follows.
(a) school leaving certificate; or  
(b) matriculation certificate; or  
(c) degree of a recognised 
educational institution; or 
(d) depository account; or  
(e) credit card; or   
(f) bank account; or  
(g) water bill; or  
(h) ration card; or   
(i) property tax assessment 
order; or   
(j) passport; or   
(k) voter identity card ; or  
(l) driving licence; or    
(m) certificate of identity signed 
by a Member of Parliament or 
Member of Legislative 
Assembly or MunicipalCouncillor or a Gazetted 
Officer, as the case may be. 
In case of a person being a minor, any of the above documents of any of the parents or guardian of such minor shall be deemed to be the proof of identity.

Proof of residence are as follows
Copy of,-  
(a) electricity bill; or  
(b) telephone bill; or 
(c) depository account; or  
(d) credit card; or   
(e) bank account; or  
(f) ration card; or  
(g) employer certificate; or  
(h) passport; or  
(i) voter identity card; or  
(j) property tax assessment 
order; or  
(k) driving licence; or  
(l) rent receipt; or   
(m) certificate of address 
signed by a Member of 
Parliament or Member of 
Legislative Assembly or 
Municipal Councillor or a 
Gazetted Officer, as the case 
may be

Download Form 49A
Download Form 49AA
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