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New RPU 2.5 for TDS/TCS Statement

Tin.nsdl has launched the latest new version of return preparation utility 2.5. This is the latest RPU 2.5 for preparation and correction of TDS/TCS statement files from 2006-07 onwards. This RPU is the latest version bt tin.nsdl but it will work when TAN is registered. So registration of TAN number becomes important from here.

 Common help for the latest RPU 2.4

This utility can be used for preparing statements for Form24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ (regular & correction) for all quarters of F.Y. 2005-06 onwards.

2. Procedure for using the Return Preparation Utility (RPU)

Select type of statement to be prepared, i.e. regular or correction.
Preparation of Regular statement: Select 'Regular' thereafter click on 'Click to continue'.
Preparation of Correction statements: Select 'Correction' thereafter click on 'Import Consolidated TDS/TCS File'. Browse and select consolidated TDS/TCS file (.tds file).
Thereafter carry out corrections in consolidated TDS/ TCS file.
3. Instructions for using the Return Preparation Utility (RPU)

Fields marked by asterisks (*) are mandatory.
Date: Date to be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format (e.g. 31/03/2006). Date can be selected from Year Box provided in respective cells. Double click in that particular cell to select date.
Insert Rows: To insert rows click on "Insert Row" button. Enter number of rows to be inserted.
Delete Rows: To delete rows click on "Delete Row" button. In Challan Sheet, only last row can be deleted.
If drop down list has been provided for any field, then value should be picked from given list only.
Amount field should not be left blank. Enter “0” (zero) if no amount is to be mentioned in any of the amount fields.
Amount must be greater than ‘0’ (zero) in the total amount paid/credited field in annexure I.
PAN/TAN should be entered in Capital Letters only (e.g. MUMN05226E).
4. Nil Statement

RPU can be used to prepare a return without a challan and/or deductee. If there is no challan i.e. when no tax has been deposited, then challan sheet should be filled as below -
Field Value
Serial No. (Column no. 301/401/651/701)
Section Code(Section Relevent to the Nature of Payment/Collection)
From DropDown Menu
Amount Fields i.e. TDS,Surcharge,Education Cess,Interest and Others(Column no 302/403/653/703 to 306/407/657/707)
0.00 (Zero)
Cheque / DD number (Column no 308/409/659/709)
Date on which tax deposited (Column no. 310/411/661/711) last day of respective quarter e.g. for quarter 4
Transfer voucher / Challan serial No. (Column no. 311/412/662/’712)
Whether TDS/TCS Deposited by Book Entry ?(Yes)/(No) (Column no.312/413/663/713)
Interest `
0.00 (Zero)
Others `
0.00 (Zero)

If there is no deductee/party, then Annexure I should be left blank.

5.Saving of Intermediate File:

To save intermediate file, click on "Save" button. It will ask for path and name by which file has to be saved. After saving file, do not change its name and path. Note that hidden files with .ss3 extension are also saved at the same location where original file is saved. To unhide these file go to "Tools -> View -> Hidden files and folders" and click on "Show hidden files and folder". In case of 24Q4 only three hidden files will be created else two files will be created.


Original file name:

Hidden file name

ETDS24Q41.ss3, ETDS24Q42.ss3, ETDS24Q43.ss3

In order to open saved file on some other computer system these files (i.e. 1 original file and hidden files) are required to be copied to the computer where the file is to be opened.

6. Generation of .fvu file

FVU is inbuilt in this RPU. After preparation of statement (data is filled in all sheets) click on 'create file' and provide path as below.

1. Challan Input File (Optional)
Specify the name (with the .csi extension) of the input file (including the path) i.e. the name of the challan file downloaded from Challan Status Inquiry for the verification of challan in TDS/TCS statement
Length of input filename should not be more than 25 characters (including the .csi extension) and should not contain any special characters eg. : , \ / etc.,.For example Filename can be MUMM11111A040909.csi.
2. Output Files (Mandatory)
Select location with the browse button to save the output files. Following files will be created if
File is correct:
.fvu file (fvu file should be copied on a CD/floppy)
.txt file
FVU -TDS statement statistics report (to be used in preparing Form 27A)
TDS/TCS-PAN statistics (created if PAN of the deductee is PANNOTAVBL, PANAPPLIED, PANINVALID)
e-TDS/TCS statement warning file, created if – 
1. Bank branch code not present in the list of authorized bank branches OR 
2. Same PAN in deductor and deductee PAN field OR 
3. Challan details of the statement do not match with the details uploaded by the bank (if .challan detail file is imported)
File is incorrect:
.txt file
Error file (both in .txt and html)

7. Submission of statement

If statement is being filed through a TIN-FC, then CD/floppy should be accompanied by 'Statement Statistics Report' generated by the FVU along with Form 27A in physical form. Form 27A should be prepared separately. Format of same is available at www.tin-nsdl.com. The control totals on Form 27A and Statement Statistics Report should match with the statement details. 

User can directly upload the statement to NSDL through online upload facility.

8. Windows Short Cut Keys


Keyboard Keys





Create File



9. Rupee font installation

Click on start button and then click on control panel. On clicking the control panel a window will appear containing folders.
Open the folder “Fonts” by double clicking the same.
Select option “Install New Font” under file menu. On clicking the same pop up will be displayed.
Browse to the folder where “RPU” folder is saved. On browsing the folder “Rupee Foradian (True Type)” will be displayed under list of fonts.
Select the font “Rupee Foradian (True Type)” and uncheck the option “Copy fonts to Fonts folder”.
Click on Ok button.
In case you are unable to install, kindly contact TIN Call Centre at 020-27218080.

Download RPU 2.5
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