Oct 6, 2012


Now there is no need to manual filling of form 16A. Now there is a facility of tin dot nsdl.com website to download form 16a directly. Even for banks and the companies, it is mandatory to download form 16a from the website of tin and give it to the deductee. So how the form 16a will be download from the tin.nsdl.com website. Here is the procedure.

1-One need to register your tan with the website.

2- After registration, the login will be activated in 24 hours.
3- After 24 hours, login to tan in the website.
4- There is a link to download form 16a.
5-Clicking the link will ask for etds receipt number, challan details etc.
6- Fill the details and it's done.
7- A e mail will be sent in your registered email id in zip folder.
8- This zip file will be password protected, and the password is your TAN number.
9- This zip file can be converted to pdf file through pdf converter.
10-Java should be installed into your computer to see and print these forms 16A.
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