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Watch Form 26AS with Net Banking

With a new initiative, NSDL enhances Form 26AS viewing facility at internet banking account of PAN holder. For this purpose NSDL has already made the necessary arrangement with all banks under OLTAS. These banks would enable the link for Form 26AS at their Internet Banking pages.

As per the information available, banks will be enabled to link for the NSDL website, wherein it directly displays data of respective PAN holder for selected Financial Year. During such process, Banks would authenticate the PAN of the bank account holder, before enabling such link at their login.

Banks are already in work of making such technical integration and display of data. It is also said that, NSDL will not be sharing such information directly to the banks, and such data will be displayed through NSDL hosted website only. Banks will integrate the link to pass PAN and the Financial Year, for which data needs to be displayed.

Such banks are expected to come with a communication to their account holders on, how to get their link enabled for Form 26AS.

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