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Withdraw cash from atm (other bank)

Dear Friends,
RBI issued a notification in which it says that there is a limit of withdrawing cash from ATMs of other bank(except of home bank). Earlier it is free to withdraw the limit amount ( generally it is 25000-400000,depends on bank) from any bank ATM.

But now there is a limit which will in effect from 1st of October that maximum of 10000 of withdraw is allowed from other bank ATM.

Good news for all ,Now you can get cash against your Debit card from merchant (shop) where debit card is accepted.so If You have not found an ATM or ATM situated at a far place then go to merchant(point of sales) near to your place and collect cash against your Debit card.RBI has allowed to withdraw cash from POS(point of sale ) up to 1000 rs through Debit card.Further you can take cash from POS ,irrespective whether you have purchased any thing from shop or not.

The condition to start service for Cash withdrawal from point of sale (for Banks)are

1. This facility is available only against debit cards issued in India.

2. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn at POS terminals is fixed at Rs.1000/- per day.

3. This facility may be made available at any merchant establishment designated by the bank after a process of due diligence.

4. The facility is available irrespective of whether the card holder makes a purchase or not.

5. In case the facility is being availed along with the purchase of merchandise, the receipt generated shall separately indicate the amount of cash withdrawn.

6. Banks offering this facility shall put in place a proper customer redressal mechanism. Complaints in this regard will fall within the ambit of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

7. Banks offering this facility shall on approval by their respective Boards obtain one time permission of Reserve Bank of India, Department of Banking Operations and Development under Section 23 of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949

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