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problem in e-filling registration

If you have e filing registration problem and error is shown as wrong name then follow this points

1. Name on pan card shown is some time is different then recorded in the pan data base due to abbreviation used in the pan card.
2. If you are individual then Look at the fifth digit of the pan and reconcile it with your name detail fifth letter is represent surname suppose your pan name is rajan kumar gupta. and your pan 5th digit is 'G' then put gupta in to sur name
3. but if 5th digit of the pan is 'k' then put kumar gupta in the surname column and if 5th digit is "R" then put rajan kumar gupta in the surname so fifth digit is important of the pan.
4. If you are registering pan other then individual then put whole name in surname column and leave blank first name and middle name .
5. Look at forth digit of your pan if it is p then it is allotted to a individual (personal)
6. know about forth digit detail from pan structure check here
7. DOB is not remember, then mail your detail to ask@incometaxindia.gov.in and reply will be received in one- two days.
8. Date of Birth problem in case of HUF:In some cases of HUF registeration on pan dob is written as "ancestral" in this case what should be dob? in this case use default date as 01/01/0001 ,yes ,use this date and u will be able to register on e filling portal .if this is not worked then try to use 01/01/2001.

after reading the above now you are interested in how you can check pan detail (name) in pan data base we are explaining you how to misuse a service,means what we are giving you are not made for pan verification.Actually the link is to deposit online tax but we will tell you how you can use the link to verify the pan.Please open the link in new window/tab and follow the instruction as given below

1.first fill your mail in the box given below and click submit
2. select link given in challan itns 280, next screen appears ,
3. fill your pan in column/box of pan and press tab if pan is correct you will be able to fill the other detail on the page ,if pan is incorrect then a message will appear "pan invalid",
4.further if you want to verify the name of the pan holder then fill all the detail on that page ,not necessarily correct(like write aa,bb,cc any letter),just fill them .select code 21 from above and assessment year as 2008-09 and self assessment tax in middle and any state and any bank ,fill pin code in 6 digists and press submit
5.A message will appear that "as per income tax deptt database name against the pan is .............................".

that all, you have verified the pan, and have got the name on the pan card as per income tax data base so try now .(to follow the instruction given above , open the link given below in new window/tab)

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