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Send your complaint by surface mail (by post / courier) addressed to us duly signed in following format:

(Please do not send the complaint by e-mail attachment)

Page one: Mention your name and address, Residence telephone, E-mail address (very important as without it you will not receive the copy of notice). mention your membership payment details and attach the cheque with a pin (do not staple)

Page two: Mention the full name and registered address of the Opposite Parties, telephone nos, fax nos. mention the full name and address of the branch with which you dealt and received defective product and services.

Page three onwards: Write your complaint with preferably date-wise facts, refer to the page numbers of the attached documents where ever required (like bill, agreement, service report, etc). RELIEF: Mention what relief you are looking for against your complaint.

Enclose: Only the xerox copies of supporting documents. Don't send originals. Send by surface mail only. Don't send documents by e-mail attachments.

Enclose: One year membership subscription of Rs. 250 by draft in favour of "ICRPC" payable at "Mumbai". Local Mumbai & At Par cheques also
acceptable if drawn on Mumbai account. Write your name behind the cheque. Do not staple the cheque with other papers. (Despite our strict instructions we find many people sending us stapled cheques and without their names behind the cheque. Later these people waste our time in locating their torn and unidentified cheques lying with us.)

Online payment: through internet banking is also available, send a request e-mail for procedure for making online payment.

Send the above complaint+documents+cheque through post / courier to:

Arun Saxena
B-9/55, Vijay Nagari
Ghodbunder Road
P.O. Kasarvadavali
Thane (West) 400601


1) After the receipt of your documents, ICRPC will issue a legal notice (within 15 days) to the accused giving him a time limit of 7 to 15 days for settling your grievance. Please do not waste our time by calling us to just check whether we have received your documents.

2) If you do not hear from us or receive a notice copy within 20 days after we received your documents to us, write a reminder e-mail to us at mail@consumergrievance.com

3) If your grievance is not settled after sending notice, ICRPC shall further help you to file a consumer case in the consumer court. Please remind us by e-mail, for further action after the expiry of the time given in notice to the Opposite Party.


1) Ask us for the procedure for filing a case in consumer court against the company after the company does not settle your grievance through our notice.

2) We charge a very nominal fee for preparing the case papers for you. We suggest that you get the case papers made through professional and experienced hands as this will reflect your case technically better and with precision.

3) You will not require a lawyer as we give free guidance to members till the end of their consumer case. Remember that you can explain you case better than anyone else. The judge in the court cannot force you to hire a lawyer.


1) We operate through the internet, e-mail, and cater to the consumers across the world. So, it does not matter where you are located.

2) Please do not visit us without appointment as we will not meet you unless you have taken appointment from cell no. 9869402267. Please do not telephone us or visit us for unnecessary discussions as we are highly busy throughout the day handling 100 to 300 complaints everyday.

3) For members one legal notice is sent free for the first case.

4) For further cases by same member, a processing fee of Rs. 250 is charged for second notice during their membership tenure of one year. One year membership can be renewed anytime by paying Rs. 250.

5) Consumer courts take about 1 to 2 years (or even more at times) to settle the case. The consumer is expected to attend the court hearings at least 4 to 5 times in a year.

6) Please note that ICRPC is a non profit, non-political NGO, not supported financially from either Indian Government or elsewhere, therefore we depend on memberships to carry on this fearless social work. We have a team of dedicated professionals who work honorary for us.

We shall do our best to settle your grievance.

Our contact details:

Website: www.icrpc.org

E-mail addresses:


Mumbai Tel No.: 9869402267 (Call only if necessary)

General Procedure of Consumer Complaint

1. Send a notice to the Opposite Party giving him time limit to settle your grievance.

2. Prepare the consumer complaint in the required format (as also given in this web-site)

3. Get the complaint affidavit notarized through a notary.

4. Make required number of photocopies after notarizing.

5. Prepare a bank draft from a nationalized bank to pay court fee.

6. Submit the complaint and court fee to the receiving clerk in the consumer court who will give you the date for admission hearing and complaint reference number number.

7. On admission hearing, you would be informed whether your case is fit for acceptance or not. If accepted, you will be given the date for next hearing.

8. The court will send a notice with your complaint copy to the opposite party seeking reply within 30 days, and asking him to attend the hearing.

9. The hearings will continue till the matter is decided.

10. The courts final order will be sent to all the parties by registered post.

Please note: It is important to attend the hearings, else the matter may be decided ex-party on the merits of the case.

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