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How to Make Money From Internet

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How to Make Money From Internet
More Ways to Get Money From Internet
I did a little bookmark scrub this morning and thought I would share the remaining content of my "Online Money" folder. To warn you, there are certain things that I don't like and never bookmark so:

What's NOT included: Taking Paid Surveys, Getting Paid to Surf the Internet, MLM, Contest Sites, "Buy my DVD, CD, Audiobook", etc.

What IS included: Things you can use to legitimately make money online - Everything from Getting Paid to review software to good ole' Adsense.

Anyway, here you go. The second batch is is available here.

* Adbrite - Sell space on your site for text ads

* Amazon Affiliate Program - Easily create a store or shopping section on your site instead of sending your visitors to Amazon. Amazon handles the shopping cart and fulfillment.

* Amazon Seller - Sell your stuff on Amazon

* Associated Content - If you write a story, how-to, rant, etc. you can submit it to them and they will pay you $3-$20 per article if they like it

* Azoogleads - Another ad program. They do have some decent companies lined up as advertisers. You provide space, they'll provide an ad.

* BidVertiser - PPC (pay per click) program with a low $10 payout amount.

* Build a Niche Store - This is a simple store / website development platform which enables you to create content based sites that generate income through the eBay affiliate programs. Pretty darn simple.

* Blog - Start a blog and consistently write excellent content. With good ad placement, you may make some money. I detail my process here: Simply Said, How to Blog.

* Business Opportunities Blog - I am adding this because I am a subscriber to their site and I see ideas everyday that could result in making money. A lot of the ideas pertain to online businesses. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it's a good reference.

* Cafepress - You provide a design, they'll toss it on a T-Shirt, Hat, etc. No upfront costs. Get a free online shop and promote your products on your website.

* Chitika - Their eMiniMalls service has shown great results for many Bloggers and site owners. You choose a keyword and they show relevant products on your site using a pretty unique interface.

* Clickbank - Quickly becoming my favorite affiliate program. They have thousands of things for you to advertise on your site.

* ClicknWork - Get paid $5-$150 per hour for basically doing freelance work on a per-assignment basis. You have to pass a pretty tough test to get in.

* Clicksor - These are the guys that generate contextual ads on sites that show up when you hover over a double-underlined word.

* Commission Junction - If you have a site, you can join Commission Junction. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. There are easily over 1,000 companies to choose from here.

* CreamAid - For blogs only, advertisers provide you with a topic and you write about it on your site. To do this, you have to install a flash widget into your blog post. The more people you bring into the conversation through the widget, the more you get paid. It's difficult to explain.

* eefoof - Think of it as YouTube + Flickr + Music. You add original content and they pay you based on the visitors you attract.

* Ether - If you are an expert on something, Ether provides a way for people to pay you to talk about it in a one-on-one setting. If you want to charge $250/hr, that's fine. You have to do all the advertising so you should have a blog or site already established.

* eBay- Come on, you know what this is. Gather your junk and sell it!

* eBay Stores - If you have a real store and want to sell your stuff online, this is a decent option to get you started.

* ELance - Name gives it away. Programmers, Codes, Web Designers, Writers, Editors, can look for freelance opportunities.

* Feedvertising - This is an arm of Text Link Ads and is currently only good for Wordpress 2.0 Users. This does me no good currently, but as you can guess, they place ads in your feed(s).

* Feedburner / Google - Not only are they the best place to house your feeds, they will also add ads to your feed and website. You get paid per impression and if you implement Google Adsense to your feed, you are paid per click.

* Google Adsense - Come on, you don't need an explanation; these ads are all over the place. Google displays relevant ads based on your site's content

* Google Adwords - Create simple text ads and choose keywords that determine when they are displayed. This is where the Adsense Content comes from. You do not need a site for this.

* H3.com - Get paid to fill jobs. Commissions range from $50-$5,000. It all depends on how tough the job is to fill and how desperate the hiring company is. This is another one that's tough to explain.

* Indeed.com - Add their job board to your site. They then post jobs based on the geographic location of visitors and the position types you pre-select. I tried it and I they continually report that I sent 0 visitors and I know that's not right. Nevertheless, I may have an isolated problem so they make the list.

* InnerSell - If you have a customer that wants to buy something you cannot sell, you can sell the lead here.

* Jellyfish - This is a shopping site that pays you a percentage of the purchases made by people you refer. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct.

* Jigsaw - It's a pretty flaky model but if you have a Rolodex full of good contacts, you can sell them here. I can't make sense of it but it looks like you get $0.10 per profile.

* KarmaOne - They are basically a recruiting website. If you fill one of their jobs by finding a good candidate, you'll get paid anywhere from $50-$12,000. It all depends on how desperate the hiring company is.

* LinkShare.com - If you have a site, you can join Linkshare. Once enrolled for free, you can choose companies whose ads are pertinent to your site. Companies have the ultimate say on working with you. Like Commission Junction, there are a ton of companies waiting to evaluate your site.

* Microsoft Adcenter - Bid on keywords and Microsoft places your created ads then they are searched for. This is similar to Google Adwords. You do not need a site for this.

* Overstock.com - Sell your stuff on Overstock.com

* Pageflakes - This is a company that developed a user-defined Ajax homepage to show feeds, flickr photos, and a ton of other things. Think of it as a replacement for your Google Homepage. Anyway - they'll pay you $1 per referral that you send over. They are not part of a wider affiliate program so you do it direct. This one is pretty simple.

* Pay Per Post - I don't agree with this model entirely but they have advertisers that will pay you to write about their products on your blog.

* Pheedo - If you have an RSS feed, run it through Pheedo. Like Feedburner, they can include ads into your feed and if you really become large, advertisers will pay a premium for you to show their ads.

* Shareasale.com - I've never really worked with them but I do have an account. They are similar to Commission Junction and Linkshare however they seem to have lower tiered companies with advertising offers.

* Shoemoney - This is a blog that can teach you a ton on making money online. I've spent hours reading his old stuff.

* Software Judge - They will pay you up to $50 to review software.

* Text Link Ads - I have never made a dime here but I know people that have. You can earn by sending advertisers to them or by selling spots on your site. You must have a real site or blog to do this - nothing on a shared domain (i.e. /blogspot).

* Vibrant Media - Don't bother unless your site has 500,000 page views of text based content a month. If you have that readership, these are the guys that display bubble box ads to underlined words on your site.

* West Work At Home Agent - Not entirely online but this is worth a mention because it's won awards and is very legitimate. If you are an at-home Mom or free-lancer without work, you should check this out.

* Yahoo! Merchant Solutions - This is a pretty simple and cheap way to create an online store.

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Here are the top 10 techniques new bloggers can use to find readers.

These are tips specifically for new bloggers, those people who have next-to-no audience at the

moment and want to get the ball rolling.

It helps if you work on this list from top to bottom as each technique builds on the previous step to

help you create momentum. Eventually once you establish enough momentum you gain what is

called “traction”, which is a large enough audience base (about 500 readers a day is good) that you

no longer have to work too hard on finding new readers.

Instead your current loyal readers do the work for you through word of mouth.Top 10 Tips

10. Write at least five major “pillar” articles. A pillar article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to

teach your audience something. Generally they are longer than 500 words and have lots of very

practical tips or advice.

This article you are currently reading could be considered a pillar article since it is very practical

and a good “how-to” lesson. This style of article has long term appeal, stays current

(it isn”t news or time dependent) and offers real value and insight.

The more pillars you have on your blog the better.

9. Write one new blog post per day minimum.

Not every post has to be a pillar, but you should work on getting those five pillars done at the same

time as you keep your blog fresh with a daily news or short article style post. The important thing

here is to demonstrate to first time visitors that your blog is updated all the time so they feel that if

they come back tomorrow they will likely find something new.

This causes them to bookmark your site or subscribe to your blog feed. You don”t have to produce

one post per day all the time but it is important you do when your blog is brand new.

Once you get traction you still need to keep the fresh content coming but your loyal audience will

be more forgiving if you slow down to a few per week instead. The first few months are critical so

the more content you can produce at this time the better.

8. Use a proper domain name. If you are serious about blogging be serious about what you call

your blog. In order for people to easily spread the word about your blog you need an easily

rememberable domain name.

People often talk about blogs they like when they are speaking to friends in the real world

(that’’s the offline world, you remember that place right?) so you need to make it easy for them

to spread the word and pass on your URL.

Try and get a .com if you can and focus on small easy to remember domains rather than worry

about having the correct keywords (of course if you can get great keywords and easy to remember

then you”ve done a good job!).

7. Start commenting on other blogs. Once you have your pillar articles and your daily fresh smaller

articles your blog is ready to be exposed to the world. One of the best ways to find the right type of

reader for your blog is to comment on other people’’s blogs.

You should aim to comment on blogs focused on a similar niche topic to yours since the readers

there will be more likely to be interested in your blog.

Most blog commenting systems allow you to have your name/title linked to your blog when you

leave a comment. This is how people find your blog. If you are a prolific commentor and always

have something valuable to say then people will be interested to read more of your work and

hence click through to visit your blog.

6. Trackback and link to other blogs in your blog posts. A trackback is sort of like a blog

conversation. When you write a new article to your blog and it links or references another

blogger’’s article you can do a trackback to their entry.

What this does is leave a truncated summary of your blog post on their blog entry - it’’s sort of like

your blog telling someone else’’s blog that you wrote an article mentioning them. Trackbacks

often appear like comments.

This is a good technique because like leaving comments a trackback leaves a link from another

blog back to yours for readers to follow, but it also does something very important - it gets the

attention of another blogger.

The other blogger will come and read your post eager to see what you wrote about them. They

may then become a loyal reader of yours or at least monitor you and if you are lucky some time

down the road they may do a post linking to your blog bringing in more new readers.

5. Encourage comments on your own blog. One of the most powerful ways to convince someone

to become a loyal reader is to show there are other loyal readers already following your work. If

they see people commenting on your blog then they infer that your content must be good since

you have readers so they should stick around and see what all the fuss is about.

To encourage comments you can simply pose a question in a blog post. Be sure to always

respond to comments as well so you can keep the conversation going.

4. Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival. A blog carnival is a post in a blog that

summarizes a collection of articles from many different blogs on a specific topic. The idea is to

collect some of the best content on a topic in a given week. Often many other blogs link back to

a carnival host and as such the people that have articles featured in the carnival enjoy a spike

in new readers.

To find the right blog carnival for your blog, do a search at blogtopsites.com. To be honest this tip is not going to bring in a flood of

new readers but it’’s so easy to do and only takes five minutes so it’’s worth the effort. Go to Blog

Top Sites, find the appropriate category for your blog and submit it.

You have to copy and paste a couple of lines of code on to your blog so you can rank and then sit

back and watch the traffic come in. You will probably only get 1-10 incoming readers per day with

this technique but over time it can build up as you climb the rankings. It all helps!

2. Submit your articles to ArticleBase.com. This is another tip that doesn”t bring in hundreds of

new visitors immediately (although it can if you keep doing it) but it’’s worthwhile because you

simply leverage what you already have - your pillar articles. Once a week or so take one of your

pillar articles and submit it to ArticleBase.com.

Your article then becomes available to other people who can republish your article on their

website or in their newsletter. How you benefit is through what is called your “Resource


You create your own resource box which is like a signature file where you include one to two

sentences and link back to your website (or blog in this case). Anyone who publishes your

article has to include your resource box so you get incoming links. If someone with a large

newsletter publishes your article you can get a lot of new readers at once.

1. Write more pillar articles. Everything you do above will help you to find blog readers however all

of the techniques I”ve listed only work when you have strong pillars in place. Without them if you

do everything above you may bring in readers but they won”t stay or bother to come back.

Aim for one solid pillar article per week and by the end of the year you will have a database of

over 50 fantastic feature articles that will work hard for you to bring in more and more reader.

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How To Save Picture Of DESKTOP or MOVIES

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How To Save Picture Of DESKTOP or MOVIES
Friends I have got a simple formula of how to save or print the desktop item either a movie or anything and print it. Simply press the key "PRINT SCREEN" on the key board & then open the paint feature from start & accessories & go to edit and paste its very simple yet very helpful try it.

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Location close to Governor's House
built in 1910, the elegant building that houses the Inter-Continental the Grand Palace Srinagar was formerly the palace residence of the Maharajas. This twin storey property with its sprawling lawns has been carefully restored to its formal glory to become one of the best heritage hotels in Srinagar. The Hotel is located 15 km from the airport and just minutes away from the city's key historic

2-Centuar Lake View Hotel
Centaur Lakeview Hotel in Srinagar is set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and offers an amazing view of the Dal Lake. Srinagar airport is just a 40-minute drive away

3-Grand Mumtaz
This is a modern hotel with an array of facilities to make you feel comfortable in Srinagar. Its 62 rooms are centrally heated and appointed with other thoughtful amenities such as mini bar, direct dial telephone and round the clock room service.

For its business guests, the hotel has Wi-Fi access throughout its premises and quality conference facilities complemented by secretarial services and business newspapers.

Looking to relax? Don't miss the hotel's health club with sauna and steam room. You can soak in the swimming pool or enjoy the poolside barbecue.

Besides, the hotel has three restaurants including a 24-hour coffee shop, leaving you with a wide range of food and beverage outlets.

If visiting Srinagar, this superbly appointed hotel is a good choice

4-Hotel Shahenshah
Hotel Shahenshah Palace is a budget hotel offering comfortable rooms at affordable prices. Business guests can look forward to quality conference facilities while a multi cuisine fare is available for all. The rooms are appointed with all modern amenities, ensuring you're comfortable. The hotel's location in the centre of the city is convenient too.

5-The Lalit Grand Palace
Live like a king when visiting 'paradise on Earth'. A palace-turned-hotel, Intercontinental's The Grand Palace extends a royal treatment to guests during their stay. Located in downtown Srinagar, this hotel offers its guests a wide range of facilities, ranging from an indoor, heated pool to non-smoking rooms. With major tourist attractions like the Chashmashahi Garden and Lal Chowk market in close vicinity, the hotel is popular amongst both tourists and business travellers.

Return to the comfort of the well-furnished room after a beautiful shikhara ride. Complete with its very own butler, the room also has amenities like fax, telephones, voicemail and the Internet to ensure that one remains in touch with loved ones at all times. Other thoughtful facilities like cribs, ironing boards, cots, a dining table and a weighing scale are also provided. After enjoying a complimentary breakfast, one may choose to lunch at the multi-cuisine Durbar hall or enjoy a scrumptious dinner at the outdoor Barbecue. Business guests can to host conferences at any of the halls.

Guests can also pamper themselves at the sauna and whirlpool while the little ones are busy with toys, swings, at the sports court or in child care. One can enjoy the city of Srinagar in a private limousine and souvenirs available at the hotel gift shop ensure the trip remains forever memorable

6-The Residency Hotel
The Residency Hotel is situated in the heart of Srinagar, at a walking distance from the famous Dal Lake. Its centrally heated rooms are thoughtfully appointed with tea & coffee makers, telephones with international calling facility and round the clock room service. Enjoy advantages such as internet access, 24-hour travel desk and quality conferencing and banquet facilities.

7-The Da-Laila Group of Houseboat-
The De-Laila Group of houseboats are moored on the best locations of Dal Lake facing the Shankara charia Temple with the enchanting view of snow caped mountains.
The hotel offers a dining room, a fitness center, a swimming pool, room service, high-speed Internet, a hot tub, a business center, and a kitchenette. Other amenities include modem/ dataport, golf course, wheelchair access, a convention center, a restaurant, a bar, parking, executive floors, meeting rooms, laundry facilities, interior corridors, non-smoking rooms, and kids activities. Pets are also allowed.
It is the larges fleet of houseboat owning the most biggest and the most beautiful houseboat in Kashmir. One of the houseboat contains six double bedrooms, comfortable furniture, and bathrooms with all the mordern ammenities. Each room is equipped with a minibar, a telephone, a satellite TV, air-conditioning, fans, mosquito nets, and a baby cot.

8-Hotel Imperial Lake View

Hotel Imperial Lake View is centrally located in Srinagar, with a beautiful view of Dal Lake. The hotel caters to both leisure and corporate travellers who visit Srinagar and has a string of recreational and business facilities on offer.

The rooms are well furnished with a pretty view of the lake and surrounding scenery. The well manicured lawns with flowers in full bloom look delightful. An in-house restaurant adds to the hotel's repertoire.

9-Gurkha Houseboat

With a decor reminiscent of British houses, these houseboats offer cosy rooms that are appointed with all modern, everyday facilities that you could think of. Preferred by business as well as travellers, at Gurkha Houseboats you can have your fill of multi cuisine dishes, soak in a hot bath and snuggle in your room by the fireplace while enjoying the view of Dal Lake stretching around you

10- Adhoos Hotel-

Centrally located in Srinagar, Ahdoos hotel is just a 20-minute drive from Srinagar airport and hardly 5 minutes away from the famous Dal Lake. A few minutes' walk is all that it takes you to reach the Tourist Reception Centre and Government Arts Emporium.

Expect rooms which are appointed with all modern amenities here as well as an in-house restaurant. Those looking for hotels to hold a business meet in Srinagar can look forward to quality conference facilities.

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Friends now you can take or inquire your BSNL landline bill by fax or inquire everything about your connection.Simply dial 1671 with your landline and get your bill on fax or inquire everything. It's a toll free no.

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Hi this is the proof of income i got from ciao in 15 days working 35 min. app. daily


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Shimla, was the Summer capital of India under British rule . Presently, it is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, with its population around 1.6 lacs (Shimla town only). Shimla has seen many important historical events such as the famous Shimla Pact between India & Pakistan which was signed here. The place is also famous for its natural beauty, architectural buildings, wooden crafts and apples .

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Useless Facts

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Useless Facts
01) It is impossible to lick your elbow.
02) A crocodile can’t stick it’s tongue out.
03) A shrimp’s heart is in their head.
04) A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.
05) On average, a human being will have sex more than 3,000 times and spend two weeks kissing in their lifetime.
06) Rats and horses can’t vomit.
07) If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. If you keep your eyes open by force, they can pop out.
08) Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.
09) Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
10) If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?
11) The cigarette lighter was invented before the match.
12) Thirty-five percent of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.
13) A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why.
14) Most lipstick contains fish scales.
15) Cat’s urine glows under a black-light.
16) Like fingerprints, everyone’s tongue print is differen

The Best: Accidental Discoveries

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The Best: Accidental Discoveries

1. Viagra
Men being treated for erectile dysfunction should salute the working stiffs of Merthyr Tydfil, the Welsh hamlet where, in 1992 trials, the gravity-defying side effects of a new angina drug first popped up. Previously, the blue-collar town was known for producing a different kind of iron.

2. LSD
Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann took the world's first acid hit in 1943, when he touched a smidge of lysergic acid diethylamide, a chemical he had researched for inducing childbirth. He later tried a bigger dose and made another discovery: the bad trip.

3. X-rays
Several 19th-century scientists toyed with the penetrating rays emitted when electrons strike a metal target. But the x-ray wasn't discovered until 1895, when German egghead Wilhelm Röntgen tried sticking various objects in front of the radiation - and saw the bones of his hand projected on a wall.

4. Penicillin
Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming was researching the flu in 1928 when he noticed that a blue-green mold had infected one of his petri dishes - and killed the staphylococcus bacteria growing in it. All hail sloppy lab work!

5. Artificial sweeteners
Speaking of botched lab jobs, three leading pseudo-sugars reached human lips only because scientists forgot to wash their hands. Cyclamate (1937) and aspartame (1965) are byproducts of medical research, and saccharin (1879) appeared during a project on coal tar derivatives. Yummy.

6. Microwave ovens
Microwave emitters (or magnetrons) powered Allied radar in WWII. The leap from detecting Nazis to nuking nachos came in 1946, after a magnetron melted a candy bar in Raytheon engineer Percy Spencer's pocket.

7. Brandy
Medieval wine merchants used to boil the H20 out of wine so their delicate cargo would keep better and take up less space at sea. Before long, some intrepid soul - our money's on a sailor - decided to bypass the reconstitution stage, and brandy was born. Pass the Courvoisier!

8. Vulcanized rubber
Rubber rots badly and smells worse, unless it's vulcanized. Ancient Mesoamericans had their own version of the process, but Charles Goodyear rediscovered it in 1839 when he unintentionally (well, at least according to most accounts) dropped a rubber-sulfur compound onto a hot stove.

9. Silly Putty
In the early 1940s, General Electric scientist James Wright was working on artificial rubber for the war effort when he mixed boric acid and silicon oil. V-J Day didn't come any sooner, but comic strip image-stretching practically became a national pastime.

10. Potato chips
Chef George Crum concocted the perfect sandwich complement in 1853 when - to spite a customer who complained that his fries were cut too thick - he sliced a potato paper-thin and fried it to a crisp. Needless to say, the diner couldn't eat just one.


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An excellent pic showing why guys will always behave the way always do! Post your thoughts on the photo in the comments.

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